• Chua Jia Wei

    GCE 'O' lvl graduate with 8 A's in 2014

    Joined since Primary 2

    "Tell me and i forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin i-Learning will always be something I remember, even years down the road, I will one day think back, and there will undoubtedly be at least one pleasant memory there that involves i-Learning School . "Why?" You may ask. i-Learning focuses on more than just academics, at least more than the usual stuffy image you might get if you imagined a prison-like looking place students drag themselves to after school in Singapore. i-Learning School promotes happy learning. A simple word, for a very simple idea. Here, the tutors are given freedom, they do not necessarily have to meticulously stick to boring teaching methods. So, as with curiosity, our teachers can spread their wings and experiment with new unorthodox teaching methods. Now, I don't mean that the teachers here are wacky or weird (too much anyway), there are still some limits to what they can do, but if you're simply worried that the teachers deviating will impact our learning, then, you're wrong. What do you remember? Your everyday classroom routine? Try and remember it, it's not easy. Now, try and remember all the other things from your school days. Funny? No? People remember what is different, not what is normal. i-Learning has been here longer than many other centres, and has in its time built up a nice team of excellent teachers. For example, Mr Yeo, a Maths teacher, who while is quite boring at times (lectures..) is an extremely enthusiastic teacher :D. Ms Chua, another awesome teacher here, teaches English with her many fantastic stories from her past experiences. These two are but a few among the many impressive teachers here. Last but not least, Mr Kwang Ms Lim are what really makes this all so much more special. They don't just focus on our academics, they also care for our character development as a whole, spending hours and hours of their precious time with us, their students. They genuinely speak to us when we have problems, expressing their care and advice while encouraging us to do our best. They even personally coach those of us who face difficulties. i-Learning is more than just another tuition centre.

  • Sin Zhi Yang

    Primary 6

    Montfort Primary School

    As a student who has joined i-Learning since Primary 3, I like coming to the centre for my tuition as the teachers and staffs here are friendly and helpful. They will patiently guide me along with my work and go through in depth the topics which I am weak in for English and Maths. I have not been doing well since Primary 3 but now I am slowly able to manage both subjects. Lastly I will like to thank Mr. Kelvin, my English Teacher, for his dedication and patience in guiding me.

  • Our Star Student

    Achieved the Lee Kuan Yew

    Excellence Award

    I am Mohamed IImuddeen, a student from i-Learning School. As I did not do very well for my PSLE and hence enrolled into 5 years Normal Academic stream during my secondary, I decided to join i-Learning in Year 2008 when I was in Secondary 1. After I joined i-Learning, I realised that the teachers there are very patient and passionate in teaching. They are friendly and caring too. Besides academic teaching, they also emphasized to me the importance of studying. When I was in Secondary 3, I really put in the extra effort to build up my academic and was glad to receive the Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award in 2012. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management , Staff and teachers of i-Learning School for their effort in helping me during the past 5 years.

  • Hasha

    Secondary 1

    St Patrick's School

    I joined i-Learning in February 2015 and I am enjoying my time in i-Learning School. This is because my father told me that the tuition centre can help to improve my Science grade as I had only achieved a "B" for my PSLE last year. I really like this tuition centre because my Science teacher, Mr Aziz, is friendly and caring. Whenever I come across a difficult topic, he would go through the topic with me thoroughly so that I have a better understanding. He would also go through new topics, such as Weight or Work Done. Though I have not learnt these topics yet, I feel that they are useful as I have a headstart compared to my peers in school and can have a better grasp of these concepts when it comes to the examinations. Because of him, I have now achieved an A1 for my Science in both the CA1 and Mid Year Examinations within 3 months.

  • Fong Shuo Han

    Primary 4

    Anglo Chinese School (Junior)

    I joined i-Learning at the start of 2015. This tuition centre has helped me improved from my CA1 grades. They provide many useful worksheets that had many learning points. I have had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks to Mr Kelvin for teaching me a lot and going through the questions patiently with me.

  • Lam Ching

    Primary 6

    Yio Chu Kang Primary School

    I joined i-Learning School in January 2015. At first, I do not really like to attend tuition as I always think that just like school lessons, it will be boring, especially when I am in P6 this year, which is a stressful year. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised after attending my first lesson taught by Mr. Aziz - my current Mathematics teacher in the centre. He was funny and was able to guide me along in problem solving. He also cultivated my interest in this subject, a subject which I was very weak in. After joining i-Learning, my results for Mathematics have shown improvement. My parents and I are very happy about it and have even enrolled me for English and Science here after seeing the vast improvement I made in Math. Lastly will like to thanks Mr. Aziz and the centre as they enabled me to see my potential and elicited my interest in Mathematics.

  • Tan Jing Wen

    Secondary 4

    Chung Cheng High Secondary

    I am Tan Jing Wen, a S4 student from Chung Cheng High (Main). When I just joined i-Learning, on average, I scored C for Mathematics. My current result for Mathematics is B3. I enjoy coming for i-Learning's programmes because I find that the teachers' explanations are very clear and they help me break down concepts and understand them better. I am able to learn the topics beforehand and hence I find it easier to understand when my school teacher goes through the topics in school. I am able to clarify my doubts with the tutors here and also get to practice more variety of questions here. Thanks to i-Learning and its teachers for their time and effort in preparing for the lessons. My results have improved tremendously under your guidance.