Teachers' Day and Children's Day in Newcastle

Our Centres give a lot of emphasis in cultivating the bonding between our Teachers and students during their learning journey. We celebrate our Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day every year and here are some of the photographs taken during the celebrations. The strong bonding between our teachers and students has enhanced the academic progress for our fellow students.

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Our Student Achieved-The Lee Kuan Yew All Round Award 2012

Our student, Mohamed IImuddeen had enrolled with Newcastle since 2008 when he was in Secondary One. After 5 years with us, he had made significant academic progress and was awarded The Lee Kuan Yew All Round Excellence Award in the year 2012.

Our Student : Chua Jia Wei scored 8 As in the GCE "O" level examination in 2014

Our student, Chua Jia Wei was with Newcastle since Primary 2. Jia Wei has achieved 8 As in the GCE "O" examination. After 9 years of nurturing, he has become an independent learner with self-discipline and always clarify his doubts during the tuition classes in Newcastle.